Heimspiel – The Regensburg film festival is an initiative of the chair in media science and the cinemas of ‘Andreasstadel’.
In a year-round triage a team of students selects the best German and international productions of the current cinema season. Therefore it is our aim to support outstanding films, to promote newcomers and to create the right context for a kind of cinema worth talking about. The exchange between film makers and audience, as well as the contact with the film industry, scientists and journalists, plays an essential role at Heimspiel. Topics and priorities are established by our retrospective, homage and classic section.


Sascha Keilholz (Festival Director)
Medard Kammermeier (Festival Organizer)

Irini Bafas (Public Relations, Editorial Content, Moderation)
Nina Bartl (Public Realations, Film Selection)
Isabella Biermeier (Event, Guest Service, Moderation)
Simon Fluck (Trailer, Moderation, Film Selection)
Michael Fleig (Film Selection)
Chrissy Grundl (Public Relations, Editorial Content, Moderation, Film Selection)
Anna Harbauer (Event, Moderation)
Tina Hintereder (Event, Guest Service)
Jana Keifenheim (Trailer, Moderation)
Nathalie Knoblich (Event, Guest Service)
Max Köppl (Social Media, Editorial Content)
Lukas Liska (Moderation)
Dominik Metz (Social Media)
Amelie Niederbuchner (Art, Photos)
Barbara Reitz (Public Relations, Editorial Content)
Silke Roesler-Keilholz (Guest Service)
Katharina Scheuer (Art, Social Media, Photos)
Lisa Schröter (Event, Public Relations)
Cara Storath (Social Media, Guest Service)
Franziska Wieczorek (Film Selection, Photos, Editorial Content)
Bastian Zieglgruber (Film Selection, Editorial Content)

Call for Films

After celebrating the successful events of the previous Heimspiel festivals we are currently arranging the next program.

During scheduling we are happy to take your movie into consideration as well. We screen all German-language productions (at least 60 minutes) arisen in 2014/2015. From experimental to genre movie, even documentary, graduation film or dedicated amateur project. We look forward to receiving your contribution until September 15th 2015 at:

Kinos im Andreasstadel
Andreasstraße 28
93059 Regensburg